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Firestone Theatre

Firestone Theatre Offers Inspired Learning for the Serious Student

Firestone Theatre provides students numerous opportunities throughout the school year to appear on stage and to contribute to the creative process via a backstage, design, or technical role. Our students are not just actors but also designers and technicians; our students learn with their hands as well as their brain while they serve as a stage manager, design and build costumes, create and execute sound, light, and scenic designs and many other aspects of theatre production.

Firestone Theatre offers basic and advanced training that follows the full range of the theatrical discipline. Coursework includes a four-year track in either acting/performance or technical theatre/design. A full season of plays and musicals is produced by collaborating with our many arts colleagues in the Akron School for the Arts and other members of the greater Akron arts community. 

Our Team

The staff of Firestone Theatre is comprised of a full-time theatre teacher/director, a number of full-time teachers with individual theatre classes, a part-time technical theatre director, and a large number of guest artists who serve as members of the creative team on a show-by-show basis for the entire season. Adults typically serve as directors, designers, mentors, and collaborators with students who often take on leadership roles in the creative process -- sometimes even as a designer. Professional guest directors often work with students on particular shows as part of the theatre season.

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