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Firestone Theatre

Firestone Theatre Offers Inspired Learning for the Serious Student

Firestone Theatre at the Firestone Community Learning Center provides a comprehensive and hands-on theatre education program, offering students the opportunity to explore various aspects of theatre production, from acting and performance to technical roles. The program's emphasis on collaboration, practical experience, and comprehensive training reflects its commitment to providing a meaningful and educational experience for high school students interested in the arts.

Training and Productions

Firestone Theatre offers both basic and advanced training in acting/performance or technical theatre/design, covering the full range of the theatrical discipline. The program collaborates with the Akron School for the Arts and other members of the greater Akron arts community to produce a full season of plays and musicals, providing meaningful experiences for students both onstage and off.

Student Experiences

Students at Firestone Theatre have the opportunity to work backstage, attend conferences and workshops, and showcase their talent on stage. The program is described as a great place to learn about the different aspects of how the theatre is run, providing students with the confidence to be themselves and enjoy the experience. It also fosters a sense of community, with students referring to their peers as their "Theatre Family."

Technical Training and Opportunities

In addition to acting and performance, Firestone Theatre offers training for students interested in technical roles. The program provides opportunities for students to work as stage managers, student tech directors, and production managers, as well as offering additional training for student playwrights and actors 4. This aligns with the broader industry, where many stage technicians gain their first experience in high school and value the opportunity to make a hands-on contribution to the creative process.

Educational Value

The educational value of the program extends beyond the specific skills related to theatre production. The classes aim to create better people and provide students with the tools to be successful later in life. This includes nurturing critical skills that impact student achievement and offering unique learning opportunities that go beyond the tasks associated with a production.

Our Team

The staff of Firestone Theatre is comprised of a full-time theatre teacher/director, a number of full-time teachers with individual theatre classes, a part-time technical theatre director, and a large number of guest artists who serve as members of the creative team on a show-by-show basis for the entire season. Adults typically serve as directors, designers, mentors, and collaborators with students who often take on leadership roles in the creative process -- sometimes even as a designer. Professional guest directors often work with students on particular shows as part of the theatre season.

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