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A successful theatre student is a complex individual who is better prepared to compete in a modern, creative, and collaborative educational and work environment. The Firestone Theatre experience is designed to provide hands-on learning that is directly applicable to other curricular subjects and to practical, real-world situations.

Students applying for our Theatre Program must proceed through the district’s open enrollment process. Forms are available online during the open enrollment schedule as determined by the district. These online forms must be completed and submitted by the published due date to be included in the audition process. Be sure to note your specific interest in the theatre program as part of the form. All applicants must also make an audition appointment online.

Questions regarding this process should be directed to Becky Duhon, the Akron School for the Arts program coordinator, at 330-761-3270. Students who already live in the Firestone High School cluster area must complete a separate but related form as these students do not need to open enroll into the building.

All students seeking entrance to Firestone’s Theatre Program must present the following items at the time of their audition: a complete resume, a photocopy of the most recent grade card, a recent photo, and two (2) letters of reference. These materials will not be returned. Students without any or all of these materials will be turned away from the audition.


These auditions will be proctored by the theatre director as well as one other member of the arts faculty.

Students seeking entrance into the Comprehensive Theatre program must prepare an audition that includes a one-to-two minute monologue from a modern play. We discourage the use of original texts or poetry as well as monologues from plays written prior to 1930. The audition will also include a cold reading, an improvisation exercise, and an informal interview.

Students seeking entrance into the Technical Theatre and Design program must present a portfolio or collection of their art work or related theatre materials. This portfolio should reflect the student’s work in art or theatre classes to that point in their theatre career. The auditioner should also be prepared to discuss in some detail their previous technical theatre experiences and express their sincere interest in pursuing this course of study.

The most successful theatre audition will provide some sense of the student’s talent as well as an enthusiasm for a comprehensive arts education. The least successful audition is one in which the student appears poorly prepared or insincere.

Jillian Foster

Theatre is a one-of-a-kind experience that has a part for everyone -- whether you want to be onstage or off. Each show is like finding a new family in which you make a special connection with not only the cast but the crew as well. The joy of performing and doing your best is a feeling that can't be compared to any other. 

Onaniah Garrett

I love theatre because it has made me confident with who I am. Theatre gives me an outlet to express myself in ways I wouldn't feel comfortable doing in my everyday life. I can explore my strengths and weaknesses in a space where I know no one will judge me.

Morgan Bedillion

Firestone Theatre is a fast paced learning environment that teaches a multitude of skills to students of all levels. Performing in various Firestone productions has left me with a tool belt of both on stage and real world skills that I will carry with me to college.

Jada Pledger

 In my short time being a part of Firestone Theatre, I have learned and grown so much in my skills. Every theatre history book you read, every monologue you break down, every light control that you operate, every set that you build, is an experience within itself. Firestone Theatre dabbles in just about everything, which gives the student a sense of freedom in their own passion. I’ve matured greatly and feel more secure in my career path. 

Alexandria Meyer

Firestone Theatre is a great place to be! Being in the program, I have learned so much over the past few years. I am in the technical theatre program and really enjoy it, but the great thing about Firestone Theatre is that there are so many options to find what you love to do. Whether you like acting, or being backstage it is a great place to learn and express yourself.

Aliyah Evans

When I was a freshman going into the Firestone Theatre Program, I was excited but had no idea what to expect. I walked in the first day and was welcomed with open arms. Everyone in this program has shown dedication and a love for theatre that inspires and moves me every day to be better. Without this opportunity, I would not have made the lifelong friends I have today and I would not have the confidence that helped me find myself as a person.

Jonathan Green

Firestone Theatre is awesome because it allows me to have a creative outlet that is incorporated into my school day, and it encourages me to grow out of my comfort zone and meet new people in a safe environment. And we get to use power tools during school! How cool is that?

After spending a year in the Firestone Theatre program, I can say that my experience has exceeded my expectations. Not only has being in the program introduced me to a great community, but I have also been given the tools to learn to be a professional in all aspects of theatre.

eMjay Ross


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