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Prospective Students


Be Challenged.

A successful theatre student is a complex individual who is better prepared to compete in a modern, creative, and collaborative educational and work environment. The Firestone Theatre experience is designed to provide hands-on learning that is directly applicable to other curricular subjects and to practical, real-world situations.

The Open Enrollment period for the 2021-22 School Year is now closed.

Students applying for entrance into the Akron School for the Arts Theatre Program must proceed through the district’s open enrollment process. Forms are available online here during the annual open enrollment period which typically takes place in October and November. There is an online form must be completed and submitted by the deadline to be included in the audition process. All Firestone Theatre applicants must submit an online, self-tape audition monologue. All applicants must use a provided google form to submit at least one (1) letter of recommendation. You can learn more about the audition requirements for the theatre program here.

Questions regarding this process should be directed to Becky Duhon, the Akron School for the Arts program coordinator, at 330-761-3270. Students who already live in the Firestone High School cluster area also must complete an Open Enrollment application.

On online, virtual interview will also be included in the audition process. This interview is an opportunity for the student to express their passion for the artform as well as to reflect on their experiences and career goals. These auditions will be proctored by the theatre director as well as one other member of the arts faculty or staff.

Students seeking entrance into the Akron School for the Arts Theatre program must prepare an audition that includes a one-to-two minute monologue from a modern, published play. We discourage the use of original texts or poetry as well as monologues from plays written prior to 1930. The audition will also include an improvisation exercise, and an informal interview.​

The most successful theatre audition will provide some sense of the student’s talent as well as an enthusiasm for a comprehensive arts education. The least successful audition is one in which the student appears poorly prepared or insincere.

Other students can enter the Theatre Pathway of the Performing Arts Academy as a sophomore. There is no audition for this process but also no guaranteed entry. Students have so far been selected for the Theatre Pathway via a lottery until the available seats have been filled. 

The most sincere student of theatre is highly encouraged to audition for the Akron School for the Arts program as an eighth-grader so that they are already on track for a seat in the Theatre Pathway.

connor mcfalls.jpg

Connor McFalls

Theatre has given me the opportunity to express myself. Theatre classes encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and have confidence in myself, but also keeps me grounded and pushes me to

learn and improve.


Constance Hairston

Firestone Theatre has encouraged me to get outside of my comfort zone and grow more as an artist and person. The teachers are so qualified and aim to build us into strong future leaders in the theatre industry.

I love this program

Alison lohr.jpg

Firestone's theatre program has given me amazing experiences in every aspect of theatre. This program challenges me to grow, push myself, and try new things in an environment where I feel safe, can be myself, and be surrounded by supportive friends.

J. Langston.jpeg

Jada Pledger

 In my short time being a part of Firestone Theatre, I have learned and grown so much in my skills. Every theatre history book you read, every monologue you break down, every light control that you operate, every set that you build, is an experience within itself. Firestone Theatre dabbles in just about everything, which gives the student a sense of freedom in their own passion. I’ve matured greatly and feel more secure in my career path. 

Ilona Kitchen.jpg

Ilona Kitchen

As a theatre kid for 3 years, I have learned so much from being a stage manager to improving my acting. Firestone Theatre is a great place to learn how the different aspects of how the theatre is run. There are many opportunities from working backstage, to going to conferences and workshops, to putting your talent on the stage. Being in this program has given me the confidence to be myself and enjoy the experience. I have met my closest friends from joining the program and they just made these 3 years fly by so fast. You are not just here in the Theatre Program, you are here with your Theatre Family.

Nalyssa Grant.jpg

Nalyssa Grant

When picking high schools, Firestone was first on my list. I am glad that Firestone Theatre offers all of the experiences I need to help me be a  successful actress. It also hones in on technical skills and great teamwork building! It’s an amazing educational experience.

e. ross pic.jpg

After spending a year in the Firestone Theatre program, I can say that my experience has exceeded my expectations. Not only has being in the program introduced me to a great community, but I have also been given the tools to learn to be a professional in all aspects of theatre.

eMjay Ross

Alison Lohr

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