The Akron School for the Arts

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.



The Akron School for the Arts Harvey S. Firestone High School 470 Castle Blvd Akron, Ohio 44313 330.761.3275

Firestone Theatre and the Akron School for the Arts are housed at the new Firestone Community Learning Center in Akron, Ohio. We present a full season of plays and musicals and is active in area and state thespian activities. The curricular program is designed for serious students interested in a life in the arts.

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We were named an “Outstanding School” by the Educational Theatre Association in 2013

We have recently piloted productions of “Mary Poppins” and “Ghost the Musical”

Eight of our shows have been selected as a “featured, full-length” productions since 1997

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Have you seen how good school theatre can be?

Firestone High School has presented the finest student productions in Northeast Ohio over may years. Thousands of artists have passed through our doors and now many of them have gone on to very successful theatrical careers.

Firestone Theatre offers basic and advanced training that follows the full range of the theatrical discipline. Coursework includes a four year track in either acting/performance or technical theatre/design. A full season of plays and musicals are produced by collaborating with all other disciplines of the arts.  



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With rigorous training, devotion, and education, Firestone Theatre equipped me with the necessary tools to pursue a professional  career in the arts.

                                                                             – Jeremy Clarke

Firestone Theatre’s time-tested theatre curriculum uses a variety of techniques and experiences to help the serious student develop as an individual, a citizen, and an artist. Each student is challenged to commit to the development of a passion for theatre that might last a lifetime.



Firestone Theatre provided me with challenging roles and fantastic opportunities that have helped me reach my goals.

                                                                             -- Brandon Kline    

Firestone Theatre provides students opportunities to appear on stage and contribute to the creative process via a backstage or technical role. Our students are not just actors but also designers and technicians; our students learn with their hands as well as their brain as they design sound, lights, scenery, props, and many other aspects of production.



A successful theatre student is a complex individual who is better prepared to compete in a modern, creative, and collaborative educational and work environment. The Firestone Theatre experience is designed to provide hands-on learning that is directly applicable to other curricular subjects and to practical, real-world situations.

Ghost the Musical   (March, 2015)

The Nacirema Society  (October, 2014)